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I’m a Ph.D student interested in the computational nature and biological implementation of the sound patterns of Natural Language. Academically, I am interested in a whole range of related things, but at their center are the issues that Noam Chomsky raises in Things No Amount of Learning Can Teach!

To be slightly more specific, I am interested in the informational complexity of phonology – how much and what kind of information does human phonology work with? In conjunction, I am also interested in the related issue of how much of this information can be learned from the physical properties of speech signals. Whatever cannot be learned, must be hardwired in our brains a priori. Currently, I am particularly devoted to (1) the framework of Substance-Free Phonology + Cognitive Phonetics, and (2) exploring possible ways to apply Wolfram’s Cellular Automaton approach to this model of phonology.

When I’m not indulging in mathematical hocus pocus, I can be found doing stupid things on a supersport. I have been riding Capturemotorcycles for over 14 years. The fastest I have ever been is 302.27 kmph, on a turbocharged GSX-R1340 capable of breaking 360 kmph. Yes, that’s illegal (the bike and the speed) and will land you in jail. IFF… someone catches you. Until then: “Faster… faster… faster… ’til the thrill of the speed overcomes the fear of death!” 😉

I also talk about political economy, Anarcho-Syndicalism and the Free Software Movement (without defending gnu-30-badgeRMS’ tone-deaf ramblings on social justice issues) from time to time. I have been using GNU/Linux since 2003, in various forms. My current setup is Pop O.S., although I have used various flavors of Arch, and Slackware too, over the years.

In all matters, social, political and/or scientific, I am rather unapologetic in being an ironclad Chomskyan. But you probably figured that out from the title of the blog… 😉


That’s about it… Eat… Speed… Resist… & READ CHOMSKY!!!